Commercial Water Damage Restoration

Commercial Water Damage Restoration & Floor Cleanup

AFC Services ensures professional handling of your flood restoration services from start to finish so you can get your business back in order just as it was before the water damage. Trust AFC Services. We minimize down time – so your business stays open. With decades of experience we provide a safe environment for you your employees and staff as well as your customers.

The most common scenarios include:

Sewage overflows

Sometimes septic tanks and sewers leak or backup and overflow. When this happens blackwater can get into your structure and create an unsanitary health hazard and is a serious risk to your property.

Toilet overflows

Clogged or malfunctioning toilets tend to overflow. In some cases, the overflow may be undiscovered for a long period of time allowing large portions of your home or office to flood. The water (sometimes blackwater) from this kind of flooding is unsanitary and a health hazard and is a threat to your property.

An office setting that suffered a flooding event can be a hazardous place. Sensitive electrical equipment can become damaged and create a safety hazard in the space. The rule of thumb is: Safer to file a claim of loss, than to face a liability claim. AFC stops the water at its source, cleans up the space and begins drying out the premises. You will be amazed how fast and seamless the process can be – after all we have been perfecting it for over two decades.

End of the day, we effectively get you back in business as soon as possible with minimal down time.

24-Hour Emergency Service
If you have standing water in your house, it’s important to act fast. Our qualified water damage restoration and mold removal technicians are available 24/7 for any water related emergency. We will respond immediately to any situation and assist with any type of water-related problem.

Commercial Water Damage Restoration & Floor Cleanup

Our services provide the highest quality Water Damage Restoration & Floor Restoration Services in Chicago & Surrounding Areas

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