Flood Remediation

Flood Remediation & Water Damage Restoration

Modern equipment, trained labor and industry insight allow our crew to strategically begin to recover your space. Moisture is gradually eliminated, as is debris and other structures. All steps are noted and recorded. This ensures a proper restoration. However, before we rebuild, let’s make sure structures are sound and your dwelling is safe.

Professional Equipment and Techniques:

There are specialized supplies and equipment that we use when performing water removal on your property. Our technicians are always up to date on the most current processes and industry standards, so you can be sure you are getting the best water remediation services available. While we act fast and our process efficient, we don’t cut corners and pay special attention to details – each home is unique requiring decades of cumulative experience during every remediation event.

Once the area is safe and secure and the problem cause resolved, remediation can begin. Because AFC Services is a full service clean up, drying (mitigation) and repair and construction company. In most cases when a water damage occurs, there is a need to perform emergency service to at least lift the carpet and remove the pad and remove wall, base to assist in drying the walls and other structural building components. In addition, building materials such as walls may need to be cut and removed if it is a sewage (Category 3) loss due to health concerns.

As you can observe in our flood remediation gallery the process is not always a pretty picture. Quite frankly it looks much worse before it gets better. The process may look reminiscent of partial demolition; however, these are necessary steps to ensure your safety and the safety of those in your dwelling. The materials we deem in need of removal are disposed of safely, we take extra special care not to damage any unaffected structures in the process. If not removed, these building materials which are otherwise safe, can prove toxic over the time they degrade due to moisture. All steps are well documented to report properly to your insurance company.

Specialized machinery is used the gradually bring the moisture and humidity levels to spec. Only after we have remediation completed and documented, we can begin rebuilding your space. Our service offering is all inclusive – find out why our restoration process goes beyond reconstruction.

Flood Remediation & Water Damage Restoration

Our services provide the highest quality Water Damage Restoration & Floor Restoration Services in Chicago & Surrounding Areas

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